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SOT-1220 & SOT-1720 Oil Filled Heat Press Drums, Diameter Size and Productivity Rates
The diameter of a rotary heat press drum will relate to how much productivity you can run per hour through the press. In the case of the Eastsign SOT oil filled rotary heat press drums, the standard rotary drum size of the SOT-1220 & SOT-1720 units are 200mm or about 8”. Generally, the heat press temperature runs at around 400 degrees F and the time in the belt is about 30 seconds. ... Read more
How Wide of a Rotary Oil Filled Drum Heat Press Should You be considering?
The width of a rotary heat press is usually stated at 1.7 meter or 68”, then 2.6 meter or 100” and up to 3.2 meter or 130” wide. The actual heat press is much larger, with this being the drum width and approximate nomex belt width. Our Eastsign oil filled drum heat presses come in a variety of configurations that meet entry level, mid level and extremely large volume requirements. We work closely with you to select the right size heat presses for your current and future production needs. ... Read more
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