Dye Sublimation Heat Presses

Dye Sublimation Rotary Heat Press - MOT-H

Price: Call for Price // SKU: MOT1742-H68

Multi-Functional High End rotary heat press for dye sublimation. Oil Filled Rotary Heat Press MOT 1742-H 68 - High Production Unit.

  • Automatic Nomex Drum Blanket Alignment
  • Detects Surface Temperature
  • Filing Oil Drum to 100% (Saving 30% Power)
  • Precise Temperature Control (controllable silicon solid state relay)
  • Minimizing Maintenance Effort (Slip Ring)
  • At least 70% Nome Drum Blanket Coverage
  • Nomex Drum Blanket Controlled by Piston
  • Fabric / Transfer Paper / Tissue Paper Tension Controlled

Rotary Heat Press - MOT-H for Dye Sublimation in Action


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