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E Z Take-UP!

EZ Take-UP! Roll Take Up System for Wide Format Printers & Laminators

It is E Z to add on a roll to roll take up system to your wide format printer or laminator! Epson, Mutoh, Mimaki wide format printers in 24”, 36”, 42” & 44” size typically do not include any method of printing roll to roll and don’t have an auto take up roll system. The E Z Take-UP! System is simple to use, EZ to assemble and very affordable at $795. Far less than a OEM unit costs and much more robust!

Users of Epson F-6200 series dye sublimation printers, Mimaki and the Mutoh RJ 900 x printers all like the new E Z Take-UP system compare to other units out there, such as reel pro units. It is built much more robust and designed for many years use.

The EZ system is built to fit on both ends of the Epson or Mutoh stands and has a nice pair of metal bars to keep the unit parallel to the paper path, thus tracking straight and keeping better allignment. It definitely is a more industrial strength unit. This system is like a little “mini-me” of the more industrial strength roll feed and take up units like the Epson F-7200, F-9200 and the new F-9370 or larger Mutoh / Mimaki & Roland units out there.

The sturdy core holders and take up motor assembly rest solidly on the two alignment bars and can take a full size roll. The unit has a forward and reverse switch for print in / print out take up as well as an off position to keep the unit off when not in use. Tension adjustment is simple with a knob on the take up that is adjustable and spring loaded.

For users of Epson, Mimaki and Mutoh printers in other types of printing, the E Z roll take up can improve efficiency, reduce waste and save labor. On smaller width 24” printers, the bars are able to be cut down to fit the printer width. All of this at about half the cost of an OEM unit from Epson. This is great for users of the Epson T-Series printers, as well as the older Pro Graphics 9900, 9000 and even the Epson Legacy series printers.

At $795 this unit is a must for wide format printer needing roll to roll capability.


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