Dye Sublimation Heat Presses

Replacement Rotary Oil Filled Heat Transfer Press Belts, Endless Felt or Nomex Blankets

Dye Sublimation Heat Presses

Replacement Rotary Oil Filled Heat Transfer Press Belts, Endless Felt or Nomex Blankets

Depending upon the age and style of rotary oil filled drum heat press you have, finding replacement nomex blankets or endless felt belts is pretty difficult. Heat press drums come in many sizes from a variety of manufacturers and most do not make the actual drum they source, nor the belts or blankets, so the chain of supply for replacements is a difficult proposition and lengthy search. With Kleverik, Monte Antonio, AIT, Practix, Royal Sovereign, Chinese, Digi Fab, Eastsign, Pengda, Everbrite and all the others in the market, where do you go to find replacement nomex blankets or endless felt belts for these presses when they break down or need repairs?

It is always important to take a picture of the heat press nameplate with the manufactures date, serial number and model number when inquiring about replacement parts. Some manufactures will have detailed specs on their parts, part numbers, but in the case of Pengda, Eastsign or any Chinese press, they pretty much do not have any documentation due to the fact that they often change the specs to meet needs or cover changes in their manufacture. Having all of that information will make the journey of finding suitable replacement that work, much more efficient.

Heat press belts, or nomex blankets are coming in a variety of thickness and construction, but essentially all have the webbing to hold the special Nomex weeding that makes up the belt. Be wary of some of the cheaper chinese belts, as they can be thin and of poor quality. This is a very good reason to have a spare belt for your press in back up storage, as accidents happen and they do need replaced.

You will need to know the width of the belt in both feet or inches as well as the metric size. Some belts shrink over time, so be sure to order the right width to cover the heat drum sufficiently and allow for the proper transport of your goods through the press. Most common sizes are 1.7 meter, 2.6 meter and 3.2 meter, but your press might be a 1.9 meter, so double check and measure the width. Now for the fun part, what is the length of the belt? The belt has to have sufficient length to be able to navigate all the rollers in the particular press, as well as for the size of the oil filled drum. So, if you have a smaller drum, say about 17” that blanket will be shorter in endless length than one for a 800 cm drum diameter or a 1 meter drum diameter. Having this documented in your heat press book is very important and if you haven’t done this, be sure to have your belt measured by an experienced technician.

Currently, we have a good assortment of the Pengda replacement belts for 1.7 meter, 2.8 meter, 3.2 meter and some Everbrite 1.7 meter belts and in a variety of sizes for different drums. Please contact us for your rotary heat press replacement nomex blankets or endless felt belts needs and we hope to assist. We are also in the process of ordering 1.9 meter belts, so get us your contact information and place your orders in advance.

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