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Finding Replacement Heating Elements

Dye Sublimation Heat Presses

Finding Replacement Heating Elements

Depending upon the age and style of rotary oil filled drum heat press you have, finding replacement heating elements is pretty difficult. Heat press drums come in many sizes from a variety of manufacturers and most do not make the actual drum they source, nor the heating elements, so the chain of supply for replacements is a difficult proposition and lengthy search. With Kleverik, Monte Antonio, AIT, Practix, Royal Sovereign, Chinese, Digi Fab, Eastsign, Pengda, Everbrite and all the others in the market, where do you go to find heating elements for these presses when they break down or need repairs?

The key to this is to map out the drum diagram and note how the wiring is done, as well as how many elements are in the drum element tubes. Each manufacturer will be different, but the concept is the same. They have a thread on each end, insulators, nuts and will be a certain length and diameter in size. You need to measure that and keep the data handy when it comes time to replace these. We also see that the larger the drum, the more tubes with heating elements in them. A good rule of operation and preventative maintenance is to stock at least 50% of them in case of emergency, but if you have the ability, having a complete set is suggested.

On the metal case of the heating element, there should be engraved specifications as to the voltage and wattage of the heating element. If not, you are going to have to either get the manufacturer to provide the specs. or at the very least Ohm out the rod and get the resistance. Having all of that information will make the journey of finding suitable replacement that work, much more efficient. It is always important to take a picture of the heat press nameplate with the manufactures date, serial number and model number when inquiring about replacement parts. Some manufactures will have detailed specs on their parts, part numbers, but in the case of Pengda, Eastsign or any Chinese press, they pretty much do not have any documentation due to the fact that they often change the specs to meet needs or cover changes in their manufacture.

Currently, we have a good assortment of the Pengda heating elements for 1.7 meter, 2.8 meter, 3.2 meter and some Everbrite 1.7 meter heating elements. Please contact us for your rotary heat press heating element needs and we hope to assist. We are also in the process of ordering 1.9 meter heat press heating elements, so get us your contact information and place your orders in advance.

Finding Replacement Heating Elements image Finding Replacement Heating Elements image Finding Replacement Heating Elements image Finding Replacement Heating Elements image

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